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About the Maille Market
The Maille Market is the first and only marketplace specifically for Maille vendors. Designed to be easy to browse for customers, Maille Market allows individuals who don't have the time or where-with-all to host their own web site and shopping system an easy way to display their products for sale. Depending on the success and needs of the Maille community, Maille Market will also be including a shopping cart and unified payment system.
The Maille Market Web Site Design Philosophy
The design principle for this site is pretty straightforward:
The product is the focus
Many people are still on dialup
Therefore no eye candy!
Easy to use, easy to find what you want
Easy to read, yet sized for most monitors and browsers
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About The Developer
This site was developed by Jason Robinson, owner of Magiclamp Networks, a one-stop web site provider. Jason's background is in Information Technology, Network Engineering, and Software Development. Jason used HTML, DHTML, ASP, SQL99, & JavaScript to develop this site, and regularly uses these and other languages in the course of developing for other customers. Magiclamp Networks has provided design services, graphics, servers, and custom applications for clientele since 1997.

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This site was developed with:
Source Edit
Microsoft FrontPage 2003
Macromedia Fireworks MX
Microsoft SQL Server 2000
Lots of Code ;)
Why List Your Wares Here?
Maille Market is unique in that this web site is based on the maille community, and connecting maille makers with maille fans. Maille Market rotates through all of the products listed on the site in the Featured Product listing on the front page, giving everyone exposure to potential customers. Top sellers also get a listing on the front page. Best of all: there are no fees!
No listing fees?
As part of the opening of the Maille Market, vendors can sign up for free, and list their items without being charged fees or percentages. This will stay in effect until such time as the site can not operate without charging fees or a percentage.
To Do List (planned additions)
Pay Pal Buttons
Seller & Expanded Search
Find Sellers By Region
Event/Seller Calendar
Maille Market Handouts
'Sold' auto-tag and reset
Times item has been viewed
Add GIF support for pictures
Seller Reviews / Ratings
UPS/USPS Shipping Calculations
Over Age of 18 Categories
Sort/Order Products for Sellers
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