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Hand Crafted Chainmail Jewelry & Armor

  Purple Jingle Belt :: more info
Offered By: Jen Monster Maille :: $18.00
Purple aluminum jingle belt. Great for dancing! :: (see more)  
  37-40 inch Euro 4in1 Belt :: more info
Offered By: Steelweaver Designs :: $65.00
Stand out from the crowd in this Awesome stainless steel chainmaille belt with custom, heavy-duty leather buckle. 16 guage 1/4 inch Stainless steel r :: (see more)  
  40in Dragon Scale Belt. :: more info
Offered By: Steelweaver Designs :: $120.00
Looking for something extraordinary? This incredible Dragon Scale Belt is hand woven of nearly 1000 stainless steel rings, and features a custom made :: (see more)  
  shell cup :: more info
Offered By: Stephan Whitesell :: $200.00
This is a functional cup I've made incorperating an 8" long natural shell, stainless steel chain maille, and stainless sheet steel. (9" tall) :: (see more)  
  Bellydancer Hip Chain :: more info
Offered By: Armoured Raven Creations :: $95.00
Bright aluminum rings make this dancing belt lightweight and fun to dance in. Trimmed in bells for that authentic bellydancer 'jingle'. :: (see more)  
  Flail :: more info
Offered By: Steelweaver Designs :: $150.00
Custom chainmaille flail featuring stainless steel rings, 2" mild steel spikes, and leather wrapped wood handle. (handle not as shown) This piece if :: (see more)  
  6g shield boss. :: more info
Offered By: Hayman Armoury :: $45.00
diameter unknown. 3 inches deep with 1 inch flange. e-mail me for sizes. :: (see more)  
  blowing-war horn :: more info
Offered By: Hayman Armoury :: $70.00
12" long blowing horn. very loud. requires a little bit of skill to make it really loud. :: (see more)  
  Chaindancer Hip Belt :: more info
Offered By: Ronin Designs :: $70.00
A little maille, a little chain, a few bells…a LOT of sexy!! This fun belt is crafted with bright aluminum rings with sturdy stainless steel curb cha :: (see more)  
  Fetish Belt :: more info
Offered By: Xaviar :: $230.00
Fetish belt in stainless steel is approx 3ft long and will fit a size 36 waist. The links are from (size4)and are woven in the japanese 1 :: (see more)  
  Rose Spiral Belt :: more info
Offered By: Enchantress Designs :: $35.00
Fun, flirty belt is made from bright aluminum and red anodized aluminum rings. Very fun accent piece. Adjustable length. :: (see more)  
  Gypsy Coin Belt :: more info
Offered By: Enchantress Designs :: $115.00
This fun, chunky belt will draw out the inner gypsy in anyone. Bright aluminum, with black anodized aluminum trim make up the main body of the belt, a :: (see more)  
  Byzantine Link Belt :: more info
Offered By: Ravenspearl Creations :: $95.00
A two tier belt made from lengths of byzantine weave connected by larger rings. Will fit waist size 32" or slightly smaller. Shown with sword pin clas :: (see more)  
  Persian Sheet Belt :: more info
Offered By: Hawkwolf's Armory and Accoutrements :: $95.00
Here's a belt to make people look twice! The belt is stainless steel for strength, And is 30" without the included buckle. I have two buckles avai :: (see more)  
  Copper Necklace Set :: more info
Offered By: Facets by Kathryn :: $95.00
The center of this necklace features coils of 14 gauge coiled triangles. 18gauge wire wrapped beads are arranged along the sides. A copper handformed :: (see more)  
  Full Persian Bracelet :: more info
Offered By: Zynful Creations :: $7.00
The bracelets shown are made of simple colored craft wire and are 7" (red) and 9" (black). :: (see more)  
  Chainmaille ring :: more info
Offered By: Zynful Creations :: $15.00
This handmade ring is so comfortable to wear. The european 4-1 weave is very flexible and incredibly strong. This ring can be made in any size using a :: (see more)  
  Half Persian 4-1 :: more info
Offered By: Go Ginga :: $16.00
Beautiful, sleek, gorgeous, striking, lustrous, smooth, elegant, stylish, graceful, and chic are just a few well picked words to describe this bracele :: (see more)  
  Byz Hemotite Fan Necklace :: more info
Offered By: KnyghtHawke Armoury :: $55.00
Stainless Steel byzantine necklace with hemotite fan accent and round beads. :: (see more)  
  Fine Hand Flower :: more info
Offered By: KnyghtHawke Armoury :: $95.00
Slave Bracelet or Hand Flower made with 1/8" stainless steel rings. This is a delicate looking piece that will hold up really well. can be made in o :: (see more)  
  Triple blue neckless :: more info
Offered By: Johnny's Underground Armory :: $25.00
Stainless steal 3/16" euro 4in1 5 across neck band with tringular center piece accented with 3 blue crystals Note, shown with box crystal earings sol :: (see more)  
  Chandalier 4in1 Necklace :: more info
Offered By: Enchained Treasures :: $49.00
This Chandalier Chainmail 4in1 necklace features a pannel of bright aluminum 4in1 in the center of a 16" necklace with chains falling into a Chandalie :: (see more)  
  Tigers Eye Wire-wrapped :: more info
Offered By: Enchained Treasures :: $35.00
Up for your consideration is a wire-wrapped Tiger's Eye copper pendant with chainmail necklace. The stone is large and uneven in spots and smooth in o :: (see more)  
  4-1 Belt with 3-1 Trim :: more info
Offered By: Martin's Maille :: $15.00
This belt is a European 4-1 belt with a Half Persian 3-1 trim. The buckle will latch anywhere on the belt so it will fit various sizes. I make the :: (see more)  
  Helms Weave Set :: more info
Offered By: Wagon of Wonders :: $45.00
This style of Chainmaille is called the Helms Weave, which makes for gorgeous jewelry! Made from 18 gauge stainless steel. From casual wear to nights :: (see more)  
  Christian Fish Symbol Key :: more info
Offered By: Gray Wolf's Chainmaille Creations :: $20.00
A beautiful Christian Fish Symbol Key Chain made from Royal Blue and Champagne color anodize aluminum. Whole thing measures 5 1/2" long and 1 3/4" at :: (see more)  
  tony barcelo :: more info
Offered By: Dean :: $21.98
Leather fancy belt made in Spain :: (see more)  
  Byzantine Bracelet :: more info
Offered By: Hayes Crafts :: $14.99
Bronze and Nickel Silver. this bracelet measure 7"(can be upsized) at additional cost. Made with 20g 3/32" rings. with a Heart toggle/clasp. :: (see more)  
  feather dangle :: more info
Offered By: Christopher Allen :: $8.00
7/1 cluster at the end of a 10 ring chain :: (see more)  

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