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Handmade Sterling Silver Chainmaille Bracelet with a cunning Blue Topaz and Sterling Silver Clasp. This style of chainmaille is often called "Inca Puno" and is a derivative of the Byzantine Chain style. It has a slightly serpentine look as the links sliding over each other to bend and shimmy beautifully. Features over 1 ounce of Genuine Sterling Silver - NO silver plate. Each link is lovingly handmade out of Sterling Silver wire to exacting specifications. Each jump ring is then artistically arranged in visually pleasing designs creating and endless variety of styles. The clasp is basically a sliding hook and eye design that is hidden under the blue topaz gem. The clasp is both an artistic centerpiece, and a functional component. There are approximately 7 hours of labor that went into the creation of this bracelet. SIZE - 8" (20.3cm) The bracelet measures 8" (20.2cm) from end to end including the clasp. The Blue Toopaz and Sterling Silver Clasp itself measures approximately 1" (2.5cm) All items ship in individually wrapped gift boxes ready to give or keep for yourself! PRICE INCLUDES SHIPPING CHARGES!

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