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Shirts :: 8 in 1 Hauberk
This chain mail Hauberk is done in the 6 in 1 pattern. Each shirt is made out of 18 gage galvanised steel apporxmentally 3/5 ID (Interrer Diemaater). Each shirt can be made with the fallowing Neck: -V -Boxed -rounded Bottam: -Strate -reverse V (the sides will stop at one point, and the front and back will continue on to a specfied length) The weve of this one is tighter then the european 4 in 1, and is stongly suggested to be worn into battle. Mesurements: -Sholder to sholder -arm pit to arm pit -top of the sholder to past the groin -bra size (weman only) Please indacate which type of neck you want, which type of bottam you want, as well as which direction you want the weves to go, Horozntal or vertical.

Availability: Custom Order (See Description)
Offered By: Christine
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