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Necklaces :: Princess length necklace
This is a princess length (15 inches to 17 inches long) necklace, byzantine weave. The clasp is handmade out of the same material as the necklace. This clasp locks if you wish it to. The length can be changed slightly at no charge.The material it is made of (bright aluminum) will never tarnish, wear or rust. I love custom orders! I guarantee my work, I have a money-back policy minus shipping if you are in any way unsatisfied. I also make small repairs (problems due to craftmanship) and adjustments for free. If you have an idea for a change on something, just let me know. If you want a different clasp, there may be a small extra charge for a change, but I'll be happy to do it. I make my most of my own clasps, and also have magnetic clasps if you need one.

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Offered By: Toriam
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