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Hand Crafted Chainmail Jewelry & Armor

Other :: Beaded mail coin purse
This handcrafted coin purse necklace is made in the European 4in1 pattern out of 2mm i.d. (inner diameter) 20 gauge rings. The rings are gold toned brass & blue enameled copper. The body of the purse is approx. 2-1/2" long & approx. 2-1/2" wide. It is embellished on the flap & fringe with amber colored seed beads. The chain is made with 3.5mm 20 gauge rings. The length of the chain is approx 18" for a total of 20-1/2" All of the rings were hand rolled & individually hand cut. There are a total of 2,035 rings making up the purse & chain.

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Offered By: MaidofChainz
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