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Hand Crafted Chainmail Jewelry & Armor

Other :: 2mm i.d. Euro 4in1 purse
This one has sold! However I do take custom orders for chain mail purses. I can make one that looks very close to this one or you can chose from a number of colors & designs. This handcrafted coin purse is made in the European 4in1 pattern out of 2mm. i.d.(inner diameter) rings. The rings are silver plated copper, red & purplish-blue enameled copper. The body of the purse is 4" long & 2-1/2" wide (big enough for a credit or I.D. card) The chain is approx. 7" to go around your wrist or through a belt.It is made of 3.5mm i.d. rings. It can be lengthened on request. The total number of rings making up the purse & chain is 2,920. All of the rings were hand rolled & individually hand cut. Please email any questions you may have. Thank you for looking! Have a great day!

Availability: 3-7 Days
Offered By: MaidofChainz
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