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Pouches :: Mini Poch 3in - Red Blue
Miniature (~3" long, ~2" diameter) pouch good as a dice bag or SCA/LARP coin purse.
Shown holding 12 standard-sized dice (3 D6, 4 D20, 2 D12, 1 D8, and 2 D10, I think).
Dice Not included.
Made of Bright aluminum with a row of Annodized Aluminum in Red in the middle and Blue at the top. Closes with a light colored real leather strap.
Ready to ship, in stock now! Price includes U.S. Shipping with Delivery Confirmation or std Airmail to Canada. Add $5 to ship to Australia, UK, or Canada Global Priority.
Currently in stock.

Availability: Custom Order (See Description)
Offered By: Dew''s Chainmail Crafts
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