Chain Mail | Earwear: Helm Chandeliers red&blk | Item #746
chainmail rings

Hand Crafted Chainmail Jewelry & Armor

Earwear :: Helm Chandeliers red&blk
These earrings are composed of German Silver woven in Helm Chain with 4mm red and black glass beads dangling on the chains. They are 3" long from the ear stud to the longest dangle. These dress up or down easily, and are truly unique. Set yourself appart from the crowd with these beauties. All of my pieces begin as raw wire I hand coil then hand saw into individual rings with a kerf no wider than a human hair. I then weave each ring one at a time together to make the complete piece. As always, shipping is included in the purchase price.

Availability: 1-2 Days
Offered By: Ravens Song Maille
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