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What is The Maille Market?
The Maille Market is the first and only marketplace specifically for Maille vendors. Designed to be easy to browse for customers, Maille Market allows individuals who don't have the time or where-with-all to host their own web site and shopping system an easy way to display their products for sale. Depending on the success and needs of the Maille community, Maille Market will also be including a shopping cart and unified payment system.
How do I buy something that I find?
On each product's page (below the price) there will be a description of how the seller expects to conduct business, whether they can take PayPal, credit cards, or checks. If you can accommodate the seller's payment type(s), then the purchase usually starts with an email from you to the seller. Simply click on the link titled "Buy This Item" and a small form will pop up for you to fill out, which sends an email with information about the item you would like to buy, and your contact information. The seller should respond within 24-72 hours, and from there the purchase may be handled by email, telephone, or what ever means you and the seller have worked out.
How do custom orders work?
Custom orders are simply you asking a seller if they can make modifications to an existing item for sale, or if they can take on a project similar to an item they are offering. All sellers accepting custom orders have the right to turn down an order if it is beyond their skill, time or capability to make.
I want to sell my items at the Maille Market. What do I need to know/do?
Signing up to sell your items is very straight forward! Go through the registration form here, and then start adding your items to sell. There are no monthly subscriptions, listing fees or percentages. We do not openly display your contact information, and we do not sell information to spammers or marketing organizations.
How long can I leave a listing up for?
Right now, there is no expiration on listings at the Maille Market. Each listing does have a date-added stamp, so if we need to weed out the listings, it can be done in just a few minutes. There are two things you should note about listings:

1) Newer listings are shown on the front page under new products, and new products are listed first in searches

2) If you keep a listing up for an item you make frequently, please make sure you can fulfill orders for that item in a reasonable amount of time (1-2 days).
What size pictures can I upload for a listing?
The web site will automatically resize your image to two sizes: 100 pixels by 100 pixels for thumbnail (tiny) images, and 300 pixels by 300 pixels for large view images. These numbers are actually loose, as the image's aspect ratio is kept intact, so you could end up with an image that is 300 x 225 if it started out as 320x240 (common web camera size).

The maximum file size the server will accept is 500KBytes, and will simply stop writing the file after that, leaving the image unusable. Note that the actual file size after the above mentioned conversion will be on the order of 10-20Kbytes.

Please be aware that if you are on a dialup modem, pictures may take a while to send up to the server. Be patient, and do not hit the stop button unless you get an error message. Some people on DSL or cable may have a long wait as well if the file size if over 500Kbytes. This is not due to any limitations on the server's part, but is effected by how fast your connection can send data (4X to 6X what a modem can do) and by other programs you may be running (e.g. P2P services).

We will be improving the performance and capability of the image handling on the site, stay tuned to the front news section for announcements about this.
Does the Maille Market handle disputes?
We are more than happy to contact a seller about specific items, if you can provide us with full information regarding an order, but the Maille Market claims no jurisdiction or capabilities to resolve a dispute. If you feel you need purchasing protection, the Maille Market advises you use a credit card or PayPal.
Does the Maille Market offer insurance, Escrow, or holding services?
No, not at this time. If you feel you need purchasing protection, it is best to use a credit card or PayPal.
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