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Location: Greater Sudbury, ON
Country: Canada
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About Me: My name is Kurt Harvey, and I live in Greater Sudbury, ON, Canada. I started making chain maille in 2003. I was recovering from an injury, and I needed a hobby to pass the time. What began as a pasttime has become an obsession. I started out with steel double jack chain from my local hardware store. After making an ugly vest and a couple of bracelets out of that, I wanted to learn more, and my love affair with maille had begun. After a little online research, I learned to make my own rings by wrapping wire around a pen, and taught myself a few weaves. As my skills improved, I started using different metals and smaller rings. As I got better tools and my skills improved further, I made smaller and smaller rings, and more intricate patterns. I now make custom jewelry almost exclusively, as due to the prohibitively high cost of materials, I cannot afford to keep large quantites in stock.
I use many metals in my jewelry, and I can order nearly any metal you can imagine. I can also add beads or pendants. I can make full sets, which would include a necklace, bracelet, and earrings.
I don't want to make or sell jewelry that will sit in a box or on a shelf. I want to make you exactly what you desire. If you see a piece you like, but you don't like the metals used, just specify which metals you would like when placing an order.
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