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Location: Saskatoon, sk
Country: Canada
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About Me: We are dedicated to making fine maille jewelry out of primarily gold fill* and fine or sterling silver. However, we can make pieces out of many other metals as well, such as copper, brass, or stainless steel. We use wire sizes from 14 gauge to 24 gauge, but most of our jewelry is 22 or 24 gauge. All pieces are hand woven, and all the rings are saw cut.

Any piece you see can be custom made out of any metal or combination of metals we use. Any piece can be adjusted for length or made out of smaller or larger wire. All jewelry pieces come with your choice of hook and eye, toggle, or trigger clasp.

Shipping is not included in the prices, but jewelry pieces usually ship for about $4.00 in Canada. We will also ship to the USA, but extra shipping charges will apply.

Email for more information at

* Please note the difference between gold plate and gold fill. Gold plate is 3 millionths of an inch of gold plated onto a base metal wire, and the gold will often wear or flake off in a short period of time. Gold fill is 5% 14K gold by weight, so there is 100 times more gold than on gold plate. There is very little chance of wearing through the gold layer under normal use, and it cannot be easily distinguished from solid 14K gold.
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