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Hand Crafted Chainmail Jewelry & Armor

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Location: San Bernardino, CA
Country: USA
URL: http://
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About Me: I have been doing Chain malle for 5 almost 6 years. I have alot of experance in doing all forms of chain malle, which includes shirts, shirt repairs, jewlery, gontlets, bras, and others.

I only have 18 Gage Galvanised Steel on hand, and all products will be made out of that, unless you wish me to costume make an order with another type of metal. With 25% of the total order, I am able to get copper, gold, Bronze, Brass, titanium, mild steel, alumanium, Inconel, magnesium, niobium, nickel, nickel silver, or Silver. Any persions wanting an Itam made out of thease, the chost of the Itam will increase or decrese depending on what type of meteral you want, and I will be needing a 25% deposite of the total perciouse because I go to an outside source for all but one type of metal for the chain mail. That is ONLY IF you wish me to make the product out of that type of metal.
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